Multi-Course Dinners

About our elevated in-home multi-course dinners

"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces—just good food from fresh ingredients." - Julia Child
Multi-course Dinner: A traditional eating experience
(Personal in-home Chef Service)

In-Home service 

Effortless. Everything is done for you and your guests. Everything is cooked to perfection in your own home by a passionate and knowledgeable Chef who has your best interest in mind and all of your dietary perimeters met. Served to your guests and we take care of all the clean up. 

Hand selected ingredients

We only use the highest quality selection of ingredients for each dish. Everything is sourced from the best farmers, local grocers and small batch businesses in the surrounding area. All expertly hand selected by your own personal Chef. 

Customized menu crafted for you and your guests

At 'The Chefs Burrow' we strive for the perfect balance of culinary excellence and comfort food favourites. After your one on one consultation, whether your just treating a significant other or business partner to a excellent dinner or planning a unique dining experience for friends or family. Chef Amber Napier will discuss all your preferences and dietary restrictions, taking personal tastes under intent consideration and create a customized menu just for you and your guests. 

This is where the M A G I C happens. 

Where dinner becomes a memorable dining experience. 

Let 'The Chef's Burrow' take care of your next dinner event!

The Chef's Burrow in-home dinner options: 
 Our 'ALL American' 3 course meal
 Our 'Italian KISS' 6 course meal
 Our 'French Revolution' 7 course meal
 Our 'The British Are Coming!' 8 course meal
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