Meal/Lunch Prep

MEAL PREP & LUNCH PREP (Personal in-Home Chef Service)

In-Home service 

Effortless. Everything is done for you and your family. You don't have to worry about unsafe food practices, poor/false ingredients or lifting a finger. As everything has been made, In-House(In a licensed 3rd party kitchen) by a passionate and knowledgeable chef who has your best interest in mind and all of your tastes memorized. 

Hand selected groceries 

Highest quality selection, local-organic grocers, Alberta farmers and small batch businesses in Edmonton and surrounding area. All expertly chosen by the keen eye of your own personal Chef. 

Free remote one on one consultation via Zoom/Teams, where you'll get to meet your chef! This will also help your chef to understand what you want out of your food and how you can achieve your nutritional aspirations. This is when you get to express your preferences for any dietary restrictions you may have.

Then the M A G I C happens!

Customized menu crafted for you and your family

Culinary excellence, this is what we strive for. After your one on one consultation, Chef Amber Napier will take all the information discussed and create a customized weekly menu just for you with something new (within your requested preferences) every week. With our meal prep service, you will be always be excited for your next dish!

**See the pricing and services page for more information.