Gift Cards, Credits & Refunds

Have a gift card? Please use the contact page or email thechefsburrow@gmail.com to let us know before completing your purchase. We will help you finish your booking and make sure your gift card is applied appropriately. We do not provide refunds after a booking has been completed—no exceptions.


The Chef's Burrow is deemed a Safe Space for ALL. This means any space we are serving in will be considered a safe space according to The Chef's Burrow standard. No judgements will be made by our chefs or staff of The Chef's Burrow towards our clients in any way-your life, your business. We will respect all privacy and uphold ourselves with the utmost respect when inside our clients homes or kitchens. We expect that you give our chefs and other staff of The Chef's Burrow the space and respect that deserve as this is their professional job setting. No racism (direct or indirect), no sexism (direct or indirect), no physical contact, no ableism (direct or indirect), and no slurs of any kind will be tolerated. Homophobia and any form of hate speech will not be tolerated. If at any time a chef or employee of The Chef's Burrow experiences any of the above (but not limited to it), services will cease immediately at the expense of the client. 


As the legal homeowner, I release and hold harmless the business rendering services as The Chef's Burrow, its owners, operators, and chefs from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by the client and/or the undersigned while in or upon the premises of said client or any premises under the control and supervision of The Chef's Burrow Professionals, its owners, and operators, or in route to or from any of said premises.


  • Medical Emergencies 
    The client gives permission to the business rendering services as The Chef's Burrow, its owners, operators, and employees to seek medical treatment for the client in the event they are not able to act on their own. I hereby declare any physical or mental problems, restrictions, or conditions and/or declare the clients to be in good physical and mental health. Emergency services or serious injuries involving a chef or employee of the chef's burrow while on a client's property will be charged at the expense of the client and/or their respective insurance company. (Proof of homeowners insurance can be requested at any time by The Chef's Burrow.)
  • First Aid 
    Our chefs are all first aid certified and will come with their own kitchen first aid kit in case of kitchen emergencies.


  • For FREE consultations
    We do not offer refunds. We can reschedule a total of 3 times before we begin to charge $50.00 for the in-person consultation. If clients need to re-schedule, we encourage you to let us know as soon as possible to help keep our service as seamless as possible. Thank you!
  • For Meal Prep Bookings
    We do not offer refunds. We can credit your MEAL PREP booking if your booking is cancelled 4 Days prior to the services date. To cancel a Meal Prep, please email thechefsburrow@gmail.com at least 4 Days before the booking start time. All registrations from the original order will be credited together.
  • For Multi-Course Dinner Bookings
    We do not offer refunds. We can credit your MULTI-COURSE dinner if your booking is cancelled 2 weeks prior to the services date. To cancel a Multi-Course dinner please email thechefsburrow@gmail.com the Chef at least 2 weeks before the event/service date. All registrations from the original order will be credited together. 


Please note, in the event of unwelcome, inappropriate or aggressive behavior our policy is to leave our clients residence immediately, regardless of services rendered, cancellation of services will be at the immediate expense of the client. Police will then be notified once our Chef is in a safe location and a non-emergency or emergency report will be made appropriate to the situation. No credits or refunds for cancellations for misbehavior.


The Chef's Burrow reserves the right to use photographic material of food/preparation for advertising and promotional purposes. If you do not want your home, yourself or your kitchen photographed, please let us know upon arrival.

Below you'll find a link(s) to the human rights code in Ontario, Canada.