About the Chef's Burrow

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I am holistic Chef & Culinary Artist Amber Napier. Owner and operator 'The Chef's Burrow' private chef service here in The City of Festivals, Edmonton, Alberta. 

In my role as a holistic chef, it is my honour to prepare foods using fresh, nutrient-dense, and wholesome ingredients with a focus on local vendors and goods that support a variety of small business owners. Foods that are naturally designed to boost your immune system, support your gut, increase your energy, power your brain, and help you attain the body you want, and of course, that taste great!

I have a deep appreciation for whole & natural foods. As well as the important role they play in our longevity and quality of life. In my experience, food is medicine. All clichés aside, you are, in fact, what you eat. What we choose to fuel our bodies with has a direct link to our everyday health, overall wellness and is forever programming our genetic code with every bite. Food has the potential to harm us or heal us. Not so long ago, I had my own struggles with the 'food' provided by the modern world. I had to overcome years of unstructured eating, educate myself on food & nutrition, and consciously heal my body and brain to a functioning state. 

I am adamant in using only the best & highest quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. The education I've received firsthand from passionate red seal chefs, as well as my own self study over many years, not to mention my own unique journey in the healing power of nutrition led me to create 'The Chef's Burrow', a private chef service with a emphasis on high quality ingredients, local support and amazing dishes.


Natural foods master

& healthy living enthusiast ❤️

A little about my personal food journey...

After two years of reinventing my relationship with food, I began to see profound changes. At age 20, for the first time in my life, I experienced stable, high levels of energy that lasted all day. Poor digestion was no longer an issue, and each night I was enjoying deep, reinvigorating sleep with full adrenal health to show for it. Plus, I was finally able to burn off the 70 pounds of excess fat I had held onto since my last year of grade school, which further boosted my confidence and improved my overall health.

My newfound vitality also awakened intangible gifts such as a profound sense of joy, enthusiasm, and inner peace, no matter the circumstances. I acted upon an inextinguishable spark of inspiration, and it completely transformed my life.

Fast forward 9 years. It's been just over a decade since I first decided to educate myself on nutrition and gut health. My passion for good food is endless and though I will continue to learn and grow throughout this lifetime, it's time for me to share my knowledge and talent with the world.

The only way I can express my gratitude for this gift is to pass it on. Through The Chef's Burrow, my goal is to help others tastefully enjoy their food, feeling empowered through their culinary experiences.


Our Vision

Cultivating a healthy and sustainable food-educated community.

Our Mission

To change the world with food. Providing nutrient dense and delicious meals for individuals and families - all the while providing an elevated and unforgettable culinary experience.


Our Values & Goals

Year 1 (2023-2024)

To establish a working relationship with a third party kitchen. To receive mentorship as well as funding within the first year of operation. To establish community connections with local & organic grocers as well as farmers. To obtain 20 ongoing clients for weekly meal prep as well as cooperate and private clients interested in our multi-course dinner options. 

Year 5 (by 2029)

To reach our goals of expansion by hiring 2 Chefs and a Baker to grow our clientele and expand to Calgary on a permanent basis. To reach our goal of being recognised as a private culinary service of excellence throughout Western Canada, we will provide personalised nutrition plans complete with grocery shopping, food, prep, and delivery to our elite clientele. Establishing a state of the art kitchen of our own with a separate rentable kitchen space for classes. This will work as a Chef's Guild to boast Culinary Experts and guest chefs looking for charity involvement, access to equipment, and comradery. At this point, we would also like to add a nutritionist or dietitian to the team. 

Year 6 (by 2030)

To purchase 300-600 acres of land in northern Canada, cultivating a large food forest holistic-focused resort with an elevated culinary experience. Allowing guests to reconnect with their food, from plough to plate, - cultivating a connection to the natural world and one's life purpose. A truly one-of-a-kind place, complete with mature food forests, tropical greenhouses, a 100% sustainable format, and breathtaking conservation and encouragement of the natural wildlife. We will have events, guest chefs, and the best culinary experience in North America. This same land will allow us the space to create youth summer camps geared towards culinary arts, gardening, and nutritional education. These camps and programs will be developed in such a way that they model the Maria Montessori way of education, with an emphasis on hands-on practical application and a whole lot of foodie FUN.

Help The Chef's Burrow achieve their goals; help employ the best local female chefs and servers in your area; and keep our culinary talent well compensated with a top living wage and benefits and on Canadian soil. As well as our goals within the community to bring food education, nutrition education, and a passion for food cultivation to the next generation.

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Slainte Mhath, Fellow Foodies!